#miLock This Changes Everything

Not your average Lockscreen. miLock is a ground breaking Lockscreen. No longer will you need to go into ifile to edit your location. This will all be done from the Lockscreen. 

Once installed select the Lockscreen in winterboard. Once the Lockscreen loads press the location icon. It is semi transparent. After the location icon is pressed enter your zip code, then click save. 

The Lockscreen will load your location after you press save. If you mess up or want to try another location press reset. 

Also this Lockscreen is fully customizable. You can move everything wherever you want, and it will remember where you put them. Even after Lock/Unlock!!!

This leads to everyone having there own layouts! 

Along with this I have also include an htc style clock. You can turn on or off from Lockscreen!

The lockscreen in the video is a very early beta of miLock the finished version not only has more options, but better UI as well.

This is not a TWEAK!! This is applied from winterboard only. Clock Hide is the only tweak I used in the video.

What do you think? About time? lol

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Fix for people outside the US

I believe this will be a fix for you.

on line 926 replace the url with this one http://weather.yahooapis.com/forecastrss?w=

on line 71 change it to this text = text.slice(0,14);

This is to change the weather widget to pull woeid instead of Zip Code. 
To find your woeid WOEID Info