OpeniOS for the iPhone? Jailbreak still in the works.

If you don't Twitter then maybe your unaware of this. A few days ago +Pod2g tweeted "Thanks to everyone who made #weWantAnOpenIOS trend on twitter worldwide! I hope Apple got the message and will open iOS to customizations." 

     The hash tag did trend, but i'm sitting back wondering why.  Do we want an openOS? Maybe a better question would be, what did he mean by an openOS? As for details none were given, but you would think Tweaks and Themes for iPhones "customizations".  No jailbreak needed. 

    Alot of people agreed and signed,   over 4k signatures were raised to send to Apple. Will it do any good? I'm not sure. Apple is a very big company, and to think that iOS6 is as far as they have gone is well ignorant. I'm sure apple will open features much like the jailbreak in further iOS releases. 

     Apple has slowly added things only jailbreakers had. For example Folders. We never had folders on the earlier iOS. Same with notification center, iMessage, and many more.  

   I myself am waiting on a jailbreak. As we all are.    This just dissapointed me. Not just that but, one of the main people in the jailbreak game tweeting it.  Seemed as like he was giving up. Until I seen this  by Planetbeing . This is his post on 

This is what im talking about! It makes sense not to release a jb, when a new iOS update is right around the corner. Is it real? I have to say I truly believe him.  This isn't the first time he mentioned to have a jailbreak. As for when is it released? There is no date. Be patient and one will come.  Thanks for reading!

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