Theming iOS Folders folder #iOSThemingTips 3

This write  up will explain the Folders folder. Up to this point we have a theme folder. Inside the folder we have a Bundles folder, Fallback folder. This is really all you need for a theme folder.

You may say that is wrong, but thats all you need. If you see a theme that has more folders than that. Then the themer used a different system to theme certain things.  I will explain. 

Some themes will have a Folders folder. Alot of my themes do. The Folders folder will contain other folders named for example we made to theme the AppStore Icon. Well instead of doing that we can name a Folder stick it in the Folders folder, and It will theme the same

Why to try not to use the Folders folder. The way the phone is setup is by cfbundleidentifier which we discussed in ThemeingTips #1. Saurik has included in winterboard the ability to use Folders as This is only a winterboard feature. So of course using it will cause the phone to use more ram to use the theme. 

Well I have done it why?  If you are working on uiimages and you have the folder com.uikit.framework in your bundles. It is full of 100's and 100's of images. Instead of adding new images to that folder to test them I will make a folder in Folders named UIKit.framework. This way the only items that are in the Folders folder is the UI,  I am testing.

Other features of the Folders folder that helps keep your themes current on all firmwares. If the Folders folder wasnt possible, then we could not make themes that work on all firmwares. Reason for this is Apple updating there firmware. Say in 5.1 the AppStore icon was named icon@2x.png well in 6.0 they may name is Icon@2x.png.

Just because the capitalization change, if you name it wrong it will not work. So usually for icons like this I will put one named icon@2x.png in and put Icon@2x.png in the folder. This way it will work on both firmwares. This is just an example and the AppStore does not have these icon names. But there is a few apps that do.

An easy way to tell what apps should be named, is to look in your spotlight search. These names will be the name you put before the .app. One thing you will need to be very aware of is that. If you put an image in say and put a different image but named the same in the folder the Bundle will always override it. 

Planned on talking about info.plist, but this has become longer than I anticipated. Next one;)

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