#1linkSimplei5 Giveaway! cc/ @SinfuISauce @JunesiPhone

It's that time again, bunch of themes coming out!! As always alot of giveaways as well. Especially when you have a guy like @SinfulSauce around. If you guys didn't know, I have given away many many themes with this gentlemen.

He just loves to see people enjoy themes! He usually sends me a donation, and I match whatever he would like to give away. This giveaway is for 20 Copies of 1Link Simple i5!! Which only released today!  1Link in Cydia

This theme is $2.99 and available in cydia now. For your chance to win it in the giveaway. You need to follow @SinfulSauce and myself @JunesiPhone on twitter.

It is 3am here, so after this post im crashing. Go follow him, he will tweet the next directions for the giveaway!

Note: The twitter widget to the left will display both our names for easy follow;) Like and Share this please!! Spread the love.

Question #1

Five words that contain JU as a letter pair have had all of their other letters removed and placed into a pool. Put those letters back in their proper places. What are the words?


Pool: A, C, D, D, E, E, E, G, I, I, L, M, N, N, N, P, R, T, V, Y

Please only answer one. Leave your answers below.

Hint: June is not an acceptable answer:)

Question #2

A man is sitting in a pub feeling rather poor. He sees the man next to him pull a wad of £50 notes out of his wallet. 
He turns to the rich man and says to him, 
"I have an amazing talent; I know almost every song that has ever existed." 
The rich man laughs.
The poor man says, "I am willing to bet you all the money you have in your wallet that I can sing a genuine song with a lady's name of your choice in it." 
The rich man laughs again and says, "OK, how about my daughter's name, Joanna Armstrong-Miller?" 
The rich man goes home poor. The poor man goes home rich. 

What song did he sing?


  1. Only post one please

    Judge is correct

  2. Reply with your Cydia # and it will be added

    JU**, JUDGE, **JU**, **JU***, JUVENILE

  3. Jump is correct

    JUMP, JUDGE, **JU**, **JU***, JUVENILE

  4. The ones who were correct post your Cydia # Please. This number can be found on Cydia's main page under manage account. It is the number at the bottom. I will add 1Link Simple for you.

    If you were incorrect. It is fine to guess again.

  5. Still waiting on these. Anyone? Second question is in que..

  6. One answer is in these comments. Just one letter wrong:)

  7. Nothing like winning a kick ass theme from you! :) You just want me to post my cydia number here in the comments?

  8. Thanks again June. Your themes are always AMAZING!

  9. June I sent you a email with my Cydia #. Still waiting on my winning theme. Would love to rock it on my iphone 5 soon. ;-)

  10. Reason I asked then to be posted here...

    Try now http://cydia.saurik.com/package/com.macciti.1linksimplei5