miLock does not work!!!!!!!!! HELP!! I DUNNO WHAT TO DO!!!!!

miLock does work for everyone in the whole world.

If your going around saying it does not work your wrong. To prove this I will now post multiple
Screenshots of people who are using an enjoying miLock.

For any other questions ask here!!!! Support Forum  Ive already answered most questions multiple times. PLEASE READ!!!!!!

[B]future updates im working on soon.[/B]

Remove widget close button. Since you dont like this I will remove. Then you will have to open the menu and press that close button to close any widgets.

Make forecast movable
Fix Date from disappearing

Respring. This is currently not an issue or a bug. This lockscreen was not coded with the mind of keeping setup after respring.

Seems this is a huge issue, although I have no clue why. It takes 10 secs to setup. If you had to respring then wow your out of 10 secs

Instead I will attempt to make this save setup after respring. 40+ more hours to redo the entire thing I believe. but I will try. So please stop bugging me about it. I cannot change it with a snap of a finger.

[B][SIZE=4]FAQ [/SIZE][/B]

Questions: I do not see anything on my lockscreen. Answer: well turn it on in winterboard.
if this does not work. Download again from Cydia

Questions: I cannot Touch any buttons. Answer: Download Lockscreen Clock Hide. Make sure you turn remove background ON.

Questions: Weather isnt loading for me. Answer: You have to follow the instructions on the setup page exactly. You enter your zip code. Or Woeid. Then select wether you want 12hr or 24 hr time. Then select if you entered a zip or woeid. Then select if you want fareinheit or Celsius. YOU HAVE TO DO THIS

Questions: I only have 6 BG's. Answer: I only added 6. There is 50 weather images? Thought that would be enough. If you would like to add your own. put the images in Private/Stylesheets/walls
I made it where all  your have to do is replace them images. The code automatically makes thumbnails for the images. They must be HD for iPhone  640 x 1136.

enter your zip or woeid
select zip or woeid button
select 12hr or 24hr
select c or f (fareinheit and celsius)
press save

if you mess up press reset.

I have plenty more if you still dont believe that miLock works.

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