#miLock V1.3 Change Log

Added Animated Weather (Credits to Ian Nichol)
Added font previews
Fixed forecast alignment
Added Widget Icons
Added new fonts
Fixed widget menu (not disappearing at times)
Added new wallpapers
Added Close button in widget menu 
Main menu close will not close widgets
Redesigned Clock (Is only movable once, if you want to move again select it again.
Optimized JPG's
This does not save after respring..  It is not possible.

Once again big thanks to Ian Nichol for the use of Animated Weather scripts. Weather is animated, also as the time goes on during the day. The sun will move across your screen. Later on the moon will come and do the same:) Very nice addition to #miLock


  1. Update has been sent to macciti. Should be up today sometime.

  2. hi,

    thanks for the hard work..i love milock.

    one note, would you ever script in the gps function to allow the weather to update per gps location?

  3. Also, when using milock, the large charging battery graphic does not show during charging. Would it, or could it be possible to have a option to choose in the setting to enable or disable charging battery? I hope this make sense haha

  4. No gps the reason behind this is to have no external apps that it needs. GPS requires an app to set that to text. This app is not updated by the creator enough for me to implement.

    It is no possible with any HTML to get the battery to show. the HTML overlaps the batter. It is not possible with current Winterboard