eXplos1on i5 Addons


Setup make sure you have iWidgets from cydia. Then download eXplos1on iWidget theme. To activate it hold down on a blank spot of the springboard. It will bring you to the iWidget Menu. Select eXplos1on iWidget and move where you would like. 

I use iBlanks or Iconoclasm to create blank spaces for iWidgets. (Until Gridlock is updated)

To set your location go in ifile. Go to var/mobile/library/iWidgets/eXplos1on iWidget. Open the html and edit where it displays 38671. Save it and respring your device.

Animated Lockscreen

To set the weather you will need to go into ifile. Go to Library/Themes/eXplos1on i5 Ani Lockscreen.
Open the Lockbackground.html and change 38671 to your zip code or weather code.
Respring for it to take effect.

V2 Icon Set

Select these in winterboard above eXplos1on i5:)

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