miLock iPad Changing Wallpapers

miLock iPad

Within miLock you have the feature to change wallpapers. 
There is 6 wallpapers that are easily changed.

To do this you will want to navigate to. Library/Themes/miLock/Private/Stylesheets/Walls
In here you will find 9 Wallpapers. 6 of these are the main wallpapers and 3 are my theme wallpapers.
You can change any of these images. The only stipulation is the image needs to be 2048x2048 and a .jpg

Use ifunbox if on pc or mac. Use ifile if on iPad.

There is much more to come with this project, please let me know of any issues you have, or features that you would like implemented.

uniAW folder is missing. It goes in Library/Themes/miLock/Private/Widgets