miLock Pro V1.2 (Currently in beta testing)

Added Twitter Widget! 
Select the twitter widget from the widget menu. To do a search tap the twitter banner.
This will bring up the kb. Enter anything you would like to search. Press Accept and the widget will load.

Note! You cannot move objects while the twitter widget is on. To turn if off press close widget then close twitter.

Fixed menu system. Now to close a current menu touch the main button on the left.

Added font sizes back;) The fonts size will only change if rotation is reset. To reset rotation swipe right 8 times on the lock screen.

Added Languages (work in progress) These are selectable front the keypad. As of now not every element will change. Working on it.

Added Wind Speed, Sunset, and Sunrise. Selectable from the toggle menu. You can move the time separately from the words Sunset, Surise. Also rotate items individually.

Reconfigured Resize Rotate code. You will not experience any lag while rotating or scaling objects.


  1. Just downloaded latest upgrade v1.2 nothing but trouble. Had to reboot, respring multiple times. Buttons keep locking up and can't make changes or selections. Third time now I have had to move all of my weather icons ie: hi/low etc as they do not stay where they were placed. This is really annoying, the last version was much better. Lowell Dunn


  2. Thanks for your feedback. There is never a need to reboot. Some of the buttons are sticking. I am working on getting the update to the repo now. I have to wait on them so please be patient

  3. Thank you so much. I appreciate your attention to the issue.


  4. Now that I finally have everything set up like I want I must say I like it. I would like to request one feature though. Is it possible for GPS weather on the lock screen?