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Most of us use twitter if either for personal or business. I personally use it for both. Love Twitter.@JunesiPhone

Its like a world mall that everyone goes to from all over the world. 

Wether your an artist, writer, salesman, or even ice cream man. Twitter can help you gain exposure on your niche. I have been able to do this successfully, and have a great following. Not just as average twitter users, but fans of my work. 

I have had my current account for almost 3 years with a follower count  of 2,935.  This isnt an astronomical amount, but these followers are probably 95% iPhone Users.  Since I am an iPhone theme designer this is an amazing amount of followers on this niche. 

True followers is what you should want. Not just another follower to make your followers number higher.  This takes alot of dedication to your twitter.  Daily posts, and connection with users is a must. No one wants to follow someone that doesnt provide interests or conversation. You are building a relationship. Just as if you stood in that World Mall and Spoke. The way you handle yourself, and the quality of your work makes quite a difference.

Just a little about twitter/myself. Now to the reason for this post. Twitter Tools.

I have used alot of different twitter tools. I produce alot of work, and need help in sharing it with my followers. Without completely spamming there timeline.

First tool is HootSuite. Available on there website and also available on iPhone.
HootSuite is an amazing program. Allows you to connect not only your Twitter, but Facebook and other social networks as well. 

I have . But I do not care for facebook at all. Hootsuite lets me post to Twitter and Facebook at the same time. This is great for ones who dont want to use facebook. But share your work on facebook haha.

Another great feature with hootsuite is they shrink urls for your. Just press a button and url is shrunk. Also they track the number of clicks this link gets. They will mail this report to you once a month.

Next up is Buffer. Ever go to your blog and find an old post? This is a great way to keep getting the old post to who they need to go to. With having over 2k followers if I tweet. Maybe 50 to a couple hundred will see it. This shows that you need to tweet a tweet more than once to gain the views it needs.

Buffer helps with this alot. Not only will it schedule tweets at Your maximun exposure time. It adds a buffer directly to your browser. All you do is visit a page. Press buffer. This will automatically schedule a tweet for you. 

Although the max number of scheduled tweets is 5 or 6. This helps me alot, and has proved to be one of the best tools I use. 

IFTTT if this then that. Amazing little site. This gives your the ability to rewrite your web. Sort of. Just as it explains if this = If I make a blog post. then that = post that blog post to my twitter.  Makes life alot easier. You can use this for many many things. Most of what I use is the rss feature. You can create your own rss feed with Yahoo Pipes. Then connect that url in IFTTT to post to accounts you choose when triggered.

There is plenty more.. Just wanted to get this info out about these 3 amazing tools and I think you should give them a try. Maybe you havent heard of them.

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