miLock Clock iPad Released in Cydia

miLock Clock now on all iPads


miLock.. O miLock ha. What can I say, probably one of the most unique iPhone Lockscreens you will ever use.

This has been quite an extensive project. I still can't believe I pulled it off. miLock is available on all iPhones/iPods and iPads

What is miLock

miLock is your lockscreen the way you want it. Gives you the ability to make
your own lockscreen. Directly from your lockscreen!! 

Gestures to rotate and size elements
Changeable Wallpapers
Changeable Weather Images
13 Different Analog clocks to choose from.  
12 Different Weather Toggles
5 Widgets. Animated Weather, Forecast, Slideshow, Twitter, Htc Clock
8 Different Fonts
8 Font Colors

Almost every Item you place on the lockscreen is moveable where you want.

Everything you setup is stored. It will keep your setting even after you turn your phone off.

Unlimited setups. It is only up to your imagination.

Tweaks You Need

Lockscreen Clock Hide
Lockscreen Dim Delay

Thats it.

Apply in winterboard and respring.

To start setting up press the right side of the screen. This will open the main menu.
Go to set Location enter your zip code  or woeid. Then select 12 or 24hr, Zip or Woeid, and F or C.
Press Save.

Find your woeid at

More Here miLock iPad

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