1ntox Forecast Not Working

Been coding for the last day... Literally. Yahoo has stopped there extended forecast feed. This means we can no longer use yahoo for anything over 2 day. I have found a work around. Pretty much had to completely rewrite a weather widget. I know everyones Springboard and Lockscreen isnt showing weather, but im not quite there yet. Almost though. 

Here is a new widget for the springboard. It will show your 4 day forecast. I have yet to code in the daily temp/city but it is coming. 

You can get it here: Weather Forecast 1ntox.zip

Put this in Library/Themes select in winterboard.

It is using a weather code. So visit National and Local Weather Forecast, Hurricane, Radar and Report enter your city then when the page loads look in the url. You should see a code similar to this. USMS0365 add your code to the weather.js inside the js folder. it is about 4 lines down and you will see my code USMS0365

Thanks for your patience. 

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