iPhone Themes without Cydia??? Yes!

Most of us when we want a theme, we will open Cydia. Well what If your on a pc or Mac and want to view themes. 

Much easier and can cover "Categories of themes" Wether it be an iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or even iPad.

Well let me share iThemeSky this is not my site. This is a site I have been using for, eh over a year to host my iPhone themes. 

iThemeSky lets you view themes. Free and Paid. In a very simplistic way.

For paid themes you will buy the theme. A deb will download. You then install this deb. (There ways of installing a deb file.) personally I like ifile. So put the deb on your phone. Anywhere really. Then open ifile go to the place you put it and install deb. wala. That's it. Select your theme in winterboard. 

Check it out. Here are some of my hosted packages

Been meaning to do this post for awhile.
Thanks to +Edward Chase for bringing it to my attention again;)

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