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Updates sent to cydia

miWeather i4 - Fixed install location
miWeather Babes iOS7 i4 - Uploaded
1OS i4 - Uploaded
1OS i4 Auxo - Uploaded
miWeather iOS7 iPad - Uploaded

miWeather iOS7 All iPads


miWeather Babes i4

Expect mistakes. Life's hard knocks are as common as life's success knocks. To expect the process of living to always be smooth sailing is to invite a lack of realism into your life. It happens to the best of us. Failure helps to create balance in your life and presents an opportunity for personal growth. Accepting the inevitability that things won't always go your way is an important part of avoiding becoming bitter and twisted, or of preventing yourself from simply resting on your laurels and never pushing further to realize your full potential.

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