Important Message about my theme downloads.

miLock, miLock Pro, miLock Clock, and the 4/4s versions.
are included when you buy one of them for 2.99

This is nothing new. It has always been like this. Just as all of my themes. If you think you are paying for one single package you are sadly mistaken.

There really isn't anywhere for you to see this in cydia. You would have to purchase one then go back into cydia to purchase the other. Then it would show that you wouldnt have to purchase the other version. 

You could also look in your purchases. 

Only real exceptions are the iPad themes.

For example 1Link
if you purchase one you get em all.

Same for 1nfect3d

1nfect3d 5.1.1 Addon
1nfect3d Alt Addon
1nfect3d bAdGB Clock Blue
1nfect3d bAdGB Clock Green
1nfect3d bAdGB Clock Pink
1nfect3d bAdGB Clock Purple
1nfect3d bAdGB Clock Red
1nfect3d BiteSMS Addon
1nfect3d BiteSMS Blue Addon
1nfect3d Blue BootLogo
1nfect3d Blue CallBar Theme
1nfect3d Blue ColorKeyboard
1nfect3d Blue iNviSion Mod
1nfect3d Blue iOS 5 Addon
1nfect3d Blue Mod
1nfect3d Blue SBS
1nfect3d Blue SC4 Theme
1nfect3d CallBar Theme
1nfect3d G29 LS Weather
1nfect3d Green BootLogo
1nfect3d Green CallBar Theme
1nfect3d Green ColorKeyboard
1nfect3d Green iNviSion Mod

1nfect3d HD iOS6 Addon

1nfect3d i5 Blue Photoflow LS
1nfect3d i5 Iconoclasm Layout
1nfect3d i5 Photoflow LS

1nfect3d iOS 5 Addon

1nfect3d PhotoFlow Animated LS
1nfect3d PhotoFlow Blue
1nfect3d PhotoFlow Purple
1nfect3d Pink Color Mod
1nfect3d Pink ColorKeyboard
1nfect3d Pink SC4 Theme
1nfect3d Purple ColorKeyboard
1nfect3d Purple iNviSion Mod
1nfect3d Purple Mod
1nfect3d Purple SBS
1nfect3d Red BootLogo
1nfect3d Red Color Keyboard
1nfect3d Red Color Mod
1nfect3d Red SBSettings
1nfect3d Red SC4 Theme
1nfect3d SB iPWeather

And 1ntox






EnVy Remix





miLock iPad


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