Updates hitting Cydia Soon

Updates Coming to Cydia
miWeather Babes
miWeather iOS7

miWeather Babes: V1.1
Improved Scrolling
Downsized package size

Scrolling is set by values in the html and js. I adjusted these values to be a faster scoll.
All images are compressed which drastically changed the package size.

miWeather iOS7: V1.1
Improved Scrolling
Adjusted Temp
Downsized package size

Basically the same changes as miWeather Babes.

Smoother Animations
Loads Quicker
Smoother Draggin

These will only effect i5 users iOS6 users. In iOS 6 they have changed the way animations
are added to optimization.  My recent Jailbreak for the i5 has showed this to me.
All should be good to go;)


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