Adding Pano lockscreen to LockBuilder (How to/Details)

Available in cydia is LockBuilder Pano LS. Below is a video and instructions how to apply this in LockBuilder.

This adds for even more customization. Users can make (or download from cydia) any LS they would like, add to winterboard then call it in LockBuilder.

For example if you have a very nice clock lockscreen, and would like to add weather. LockBuilder will give you this ability.

If you do not have this feature, please press update from the menu.


Install LockBuilder Pano from Cydia. After download go to your lockscreen. In LockBuilder hit background. This will open a sub menu. Select Locks from the sub menu. Lockbuilder will then ask the name of the lockscreen. Enter Pano.  Be sure to have a capitol P. 

I will do more of these simples locks. It is nice to switch in between without resprings.
This is achieved by never having to load the lockscreen from winterboard. I just use winterboard as a place holder.

If you would like to make or send me any lockscreens you can to or you can directly add it to cydia. Preferably with the name Lockbuilder "yourls" LS.

More updates are coming to the main package. I have rewrote some functions. The goal is to make it load as soon as possible. Hope your enjoying LockBuilder!

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