Apple iPhone 5S on the way!

A little of 20hrs ago, I mentioned that all proceeds of LockBuilder will be going to an iPhone 5S. Now I am glad to report I have reached the amount to get the 5S.

May seem strange why I would do this.  1st it was just a simple tweet, a goal for myself. I really can't justify buying the 5S. The iPhone 5 has done me great, and to this day have no issues with it.

The only perk of buying the 5S is that I get to keep my i5 on iOS 6. Where is all my beautiful work can be ran, and it work correctly.

Which has let me to meet a couple very selfless people. They are @Wolfpoc and @cl1ck4207 . Faithful guys to the iCommunity, seen them for a couple years on twitter. Discussed many themes, jailbreaks, etc.

These two made quite the donation for my 5S yesterday. Independently on there own for amounts up to 10 Times more than the package in cydia.  Not only am i'm glad to know some of the few selfless people still left. They also let me know there is still an iCommunity. Not that i've forgotten. I know this very well, but instead of good gestures in the iCommunity recently. You see a majority of link bait, fake devs, or people taking money for something that doesn't even exist. Take care of your devs, we will take care of you.

Big thanks to @wolfpoc and @cl1ck4207 along with everyone who purchased LockBuilder!

Check out @cl1ck4207 'sWebsite:


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