My Crew

One thing I need to point out. May be the most important detail that lacks in what I do.
That is the people that inspire me and motivate me in anything I do. Pushes me when even I think I've done enough. 

I have friends, and I have family. Always support whatever my choice is. Anything I do they support, even if they don't quite understand what there supporting. 

 I'm talking about something a little different. You may call them misfits. I would. They are unlike a lot of people. They think not only for there selves, but always take in to consideration things you wouldn't even imagine. 

This list is not real big, but to some may overlook it. EVERY person on this list is more than a friend, then some friends, will think of you as you're there brother, just like family. 

These names, all do mean a lot to me. They know this. BUT I think you should know these guys. They are top notch, no matter what they know.  They are one of a kind. A rarity in todays society

 I didn't just meet them, I've known them for years. They are always in the background. Scrutinizing my work, even before you even knew it existed. They see something in me that some don't. Something I see a glimpse of, but they help bring it to light.

To my friends. Give them a follow. Hand picked each and everyone of them. If you want to know why. Then ask me. If you believe me, then you will more than happy to follow. Encourage them on there journeys as they have mine. 

Drewshaw <- Thinks he special since he don't have a twitter. Although you can't follow, just know he exists.

Since we are on this personal note. I'm hoping you already took the time to follow these guys.  This post isn't going anywhere so you can come back to it…..

For those who support my work, with the iPhone and iPad. Meaning you rt a link I posted, or better yet purchased a package I made. Thank you.

There is to many to thank. I wish I could, but at the risk of missing someone I won't. Just know I do really do appreciate it. I'm not going anywhere. I will try my best to make my mark in this world. You are more than welcome to follow along.

Thats it, sensitive JuneTime is over. See you around.

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