Dock Blur iOS7

You can use this file to remove the blur part of the dock.

Put in system/library/coreservices/


I have not found out how to remove the white part that is left over. Still looking.

What does the image do that you just replaced?

It masks the images that are made from iOS7. It looks as if they blur the wallpaper twice. Then they use this mask to mask the wallpaper to the dock size.

By making this transparent it does not mask the blur. Leaving you with the semi trans dock.

Images found when converting the cache


I have made every single image in transparent. The semi trans part is still there. Still hunting.

What I used


Above is the link to a converter. This will convert any cpbitmap to .png.

The images ive found are located in system/library/caches/session and wallpaper.

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