How to Jailbreak #iOS7

I have no idea why this is being asked. It is so simple a monkey could do it:)

First go to

Click MacOS or Windows. Whichever you own. Mac has windows that close from the left and windows has windows that close on the right.

Download the software.

When it is installed on your PC (personal computer) then open it.

Plug in your phone and click Jailbreak.

Watch the progress bar, It will reach a point where it asks you to open the evasion app on your phone.

Unlock your phone and press the evasion icon.

Your phone will reboot and finish the process.

IF at any time your phone LOCKS UP or FREEZES on the Apple logo, but your phone in  dfu and restore your phone and try again. I had to do this my first attempt.

Whats available for the jailbreak

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