iOS7 i5 LS Cydget

Unlock just like iOS7, with this Lockscreen Cydget. Features pull down weather. Wallpaper will blur as you pull down to reveal weather. Swipe the actual lockscreen to unlock the phone.

Apply in Cydgets located in
Does not work with passcode.
Conflicts with LockBuilder when opening apps from the lockscreen.
This package is also included with the purchase 1nspire Dark

To set images go to System/Library/LockCydgets/OS7LS you will see a few wallpaper.png images.

If you name any image to wallpaperon.png it will use this as your lockscreen. With no images named wallpaperon.png it will use whatever lockscreen wallpaper you have set from settings.

If you name it springboardon.png it will display as you are sliding the lockscreen.  With no images named springboardon.png it will use whatever homescreen wallpaper you have set from settings.

Default will show what you have set from camera roll. To pull images from the camera roll
make sure there is no  images named springboardon.png or wallpaperon.png

Set your weather in System/Library/LockCydgets/iOS7LS/js/weather.js

edit as shown below

var sUnit = "s";  // m for celcius s for fareinheit

var TwentyFourHourClock = "false"; //Set to true for 24hr false to 12hr.

var sCityCodes = "32118"; //weather code. Find from look in url.

Conflicts or safemode email me

This package is also included in 1nspire Dark


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  2. Marie, thanks for your interest in the iOS7 i5 Cydget. This cydget does not alter any system files. To move the do not disturb, you would need to modify the system with cydgets. You could alter the image itself I think, then you would have to use winterboard to apply the image.

    I do not use ayra. As I stated above it does not alter any system files. If it is compatible with Sauriks tweak LockCydgets then it should be compatible with iOS7 i5 Cydget

  3. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)