Fullscreen Animated Weather iWidget

If you have kept up with my twitter @JunesiPhone you will know I have been working on a Fullscreen Weather iWidget.

@Holdemdogg sent me this iWidget allowing me to still  touch icons while having animation over the icons! I was very intrigued and decided to debug/modify this to be a smooth working widget with HD images. Big thanks to @Otishuff for most of the HD images

You can get this iWidget to test now by donating below. This will be uploaded by Holdemdogg to the @macciti repo, as soon as testing has been done.

You can get this right now, by donating a minimum of .99 cents. This will get you the iWidget and your account will be credited when live in cydia.


To configure this iWidget press on a blank place of the springboard. Enter your zipCode or Weather code then press done.  Then press add

NOTE: You can add this widget on multiple pages, as well as multiple citys on one page. (This is not recommended, as good as this widget runs, with all that you will notice battery drainage)

To find your weather code go to weather.com type in your city, then look at the end of the url for your weather code. Put this in your notes for further use with other widgets;)

Example code is USME0273  it is also raining here right now if you want to see rain animation.

To close the widget hold any icon until it wiggles. Then hit the X in the top left corner near the status bar.

Report any issues to street.visions@yahoo.com

Instructions on how to install iWidgets Manually (without cydia)

Screenshots of Animations