iOS7 Theme NextGenUI

With winterboard not working on iOS7 there really is no themes for your newly Jailbroken device on iOS7.


Thanks to @GroovyCarrot you now have a Tweak/Theme to use. I call this a Tweak/Theme because it does not use Winterboard or Dreamboard.  Simply install and turn it on in settings. This is unlike any theme before just because of this reason.

Here is a review by @iPhoneMaster323

As you see this is not your normal theme it completely changes your springboard. With a simple tap and hold you can add your favorite apps anywhere. 

Some Tips

Instructions are displayed as soon as you install. As with most people they skip right over them, and are left wondering how to operate it:)  To get the instructions back just go to settings>safari>clear cookies. Then respring. This will bring the instructions back for you to review.

Pinch on icons set to your homescreen to size them.

Tap hold anywhere to place icons. You can add folders as well. Just choose data store. Add a name. Then choose the icons you would like to have in this "folder".  After you have chosen your icons just tap the springboard to finalize the folder.

NextGenUI has any color you would ever need. You can access the settings by holding the center icon (the big spiral) Here you can adjust 3 colors.

UIColor1 - changes the majority of the theme.
UIColor2 - changes the folder icons as well as icons in the menu
UIBackground - changes the background color

There are two theme options
Legacy - simple horizontal lines as a background
Praxis - detailed background with more details/shapes

At anytime you can tap and hold on an icon you've placed on the springboard. This will bring up options such as

Modify - Allows you to change which app it is
Move - Allows you to move the icon
Delete - Deletes the icons off the springboard (not off your phone)
Toggle Flag - Turns the icon label on/off
Cancel - Exits the menu

By moving icons close together they will link together.

Modifying NexGenUI

var/mobile/library/nextgenui is where the main images are kept.

You have an icon folder where you can add different icons.

In the theme folder you will see the legacy theme and praxis theme. Inside each folder is images you can change to alter the look of NextGenUI

Direct Link to this theme  NextGenUI

Thanks for your support!

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