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To change your weather in GroovyLock miWeather you will need to edit with iFile a free app in Cydia


The file looks like this.

var sUnit = "s";  // m for celcius s for fareinheit
var TwentyFourHourClock = "false"; //Set to true for 24hr false to 12hr.
var sCityCodes = "USUT0191"; //weather code. Find from weather.com look in url or use zip code if your in the US.

To find your weather code watch below.

To remove blur edit the -webkit-filter:blur(0.4); in the CSS
Just delete this line if you want no blur

I remove slider with Lockscreen tool

Wallpapers are in var/mobile/library/GroovyScreen/miWeatherv0.6/icon

To use your own wallpaper go into the weather.js and Turn userwall to yes. Replace the user.png in the root of the folder to your own.

To set wallpaper to always be on go into the weather.js set StickForecast to yes.

var StickForecast="no"; // if you want forecast to show without shake set to yes.

You can turn all elements on and off by editing the css and changing these elements.

Learn CSS

Available in cydia 

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  1. How do you uninstall GroovyWeather?

  2. Place the deb file in var/root
    Then using iFile select and uninstall

    1. Should also be in cydia in your packages

  3. Didn't work... updated the weather.js using nano (had to apt-get it)... restarted phone, enabled in GroovyScreen, respring just for good measure... screen stays black. Restarted... same thing.

  4. I have the same problem of Ryan .. How do I do!?

  5. how do i get these symbols ob the status bar? i like these 2 next to the AT

  6. I bought it from this page. where can I find the file

  7. It gives me a random location, how do I fix my location?

  8. Read the directions people. I got it up and working in 5 mins no problems. Using iPhone 5.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I have a 5S running 7.0.4. I installed GroovyLock and miWeather for GroovyLock via Cydia. I have a few issues with the install, but finally got it to work. After it installed, things were not working. So, @Nicholas Gomagda, don't be an arse. I had to search through the 12 pages of threads about GroovyLock and miWeather to understand what was going on. After fixing info.plist files and changing background settings, everything works great. Definitely more than 5 minutes. It was more like 2 hours!

    As for the blur effect, it is in the CSS file! It is about halfway down the file. Here is a better idea than just deleting the line. Within CSS files, you can include comments that do not effect the functionality of the code. It would be smarter to just "comment out" the code. That way, you know where it is if you want the effect in the future.

    So, some of you might ask, "how do you comment in CSS?" Well, all you need to do is have a "/*" (no quotes) to start a comment and then a "*/" (again, no quotes) to end the comment. So if you just change the blur code statement into a comment, you can easily change it back with deleting four characters. Good Luck all, and keep up the good work.

  11. How i can chance the font of this theme, it seems not good when my language is vietnamese

  12. I have a i4 I did everything it ask but it don't show up on my lockscreen ????

  13. how to get wifi and carrier bars like that picture..

  14. Unless I'm retarded, I can't see any way to download it.