Destini Cydget (Released)

Here is a lockscreen I created awhile back. It was never released due to the lack of a jailbreak. Was found by looking through my old PSDs (Photoshop Files). I decided to find it (wasn't an easy task) and update it to the new Cydget and iOS7. I am proud to bring you Destini Cydget.

  • Animated Menu
  • Mail and SMS Notifications
  • Time/Date
  • Weather (
  • Stunning Design
  • Blur Wallpapers
  • 24 Wallpapers included
  • Hide StatusBar
  • Tap to unlock
Options set from the lockscreen
  • Hide/Show time
  • Hide/Show date
  • Hide/Show cover
  • Use settings wallpaper (blurred)
Options set from
  • Hide/Show notifications
  • Set Weather
  • Set 24hr
  • Set Celsius
  • Hide/Show Tap to unlock
  • Hide/Show StatusBar
  • Change opacity of unlock text
Future Options
Multi Language Support
Un-blur settings set wallpaper


There is a known issue between customLS causing safemode with cydgets. I recommend using Lock Screen Tools

If any issues arrive it most likely has nothing to do with Destini. It has more of a chance of issues between cydget and another tweak you have installed.

-Here is how you find out.
I suggest to get iCleaner Pro from repo

Go through and turn off mobile substrates until you find the issue, or turn them all off but cydget, and see if it still happens. I have had to do this many times to find issues with tweaks. I must add Cydget works great on my device. I have 6 cydgets running now, and flip through them all day working on each one of them.

Thanks for your support!

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