LockBuilder v1.1 Changes and Template

Version 1.1 was just sent to the Macciti repo. Here is what was changed/updated

Fixed date blur when widgets were selected
Fixed Wallpaper jump when load
Fixed Choose Files button being under weather icon
Fixed walls button showing when locks is pressed
Fixed Icons being over menus
Added dynamic wall button to settings
Added Lock Icon movement when screen is locked
Added Analog Clock Widgets (5) Movable, and sizable
Added Clear/Close button for Locks
Added Text capitalization option in settings
Added tap on weather elements to align straight. It was tough to align elements, now just tap them and they will align.
Fixed 3 weather icons in star dock
Stretches backgrounds that are not 640 X 1136
Made the slider for Icon, Locks, and load from file bigger (easier to scroll)

Completely redesigned UI every menu was touched.

Here is a template I made to show how storage from LockBuilder, will carry over to any html placed in var/mobile/Library/GroovyLock.

Place in var/mobile/Library/GroovyLock load by going to LB menu, clicking background then locks. You will see it in the list.

What this contains is some info that LockBuilder saves. Including Messages, Mail, MissedCalls, ZipCode, Celsius, Background, Text Color, and Text Shadow. Shows how to pull these items and use them in an external html. Could use for animations, overlays, and more.

For instance you can use the zip code to power any weather lockscreen placed in the GroovyLock folder. iFold on http://JunesiPhone.com/LockBuilder has this implemented and is quite simple, Doesn't require major modification for any lockscreen to use it.

Hope you are enjoying LockBuilder!

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