LockBuilder Evo the how, what, why and when.

Setup- install deb package. You will need tweaks Cydgets, Lock Screen Tool, and ClearLockNotificaitons. Clear notifications allows you to pull down on a notification to remove it. Lock Screen Tool lets you remove items such as Camera Grabber, NCGrabber, CCGrabber or slide to unlock.

Thanks for stopping in, hope you take to time to read this write up. I will explain LockBuilder Evo from my point of view.

Its nothing like you have ever used. Anyone can pick up this tool, and create not just an amazing lockscreen, but a very useful lockscreen. It allows you to take items and place them anywhere on the lockscreen. Giving you full customization of what you want shown. Pick from many elements including a vast amount of weather info.

LockBuilder (Legacy) was built to provide this same function, but some had trouble with certain aspects. Main one being rotation and scaling of items. This has been addressed in LockBuilder Evo. Now instead of two fingers required to scale and rotate. Each element has its own control panel. This is a little hud that if an item is double tapped or tap hold it will popup just above that item. There are many options that let you customize that element. Meaning if you want one element green and another one yellow that is easily done. If you want one semi transparent and one not then that is possible.

To move items you just drag them with one finger. Each one will create a white semi transparent background when pressed. This will show you where you can grab to move it. Reason for this is to be able to move an item without having your finger directly on the item. In short you can see where you are moving it.

Icons- app icons can be placed on the lockscreen. Why would you want this? To get straight access to your favorite apps. You unlock your phone to press an app icon, so why not just skip the unlocking part?

Which apps are supported? All apps. The app list is populated by what is installed on your device. You have two categories. User and System. System is phone, messages, notes, settings, etc. User is your appstore apps.

All apps are opened just as they are when you press an icon on the springboard. There is no use of URLSchemes. This allows all apps to be opened.

Loading...... This was an issue with legacy LB. There was just so much code that it had to load it. It got to a point were there was no more adjusting for performance. It was at its max. Everything is changed in LockBuilder Evo. It was re-created from total scratch, and I used objects instead of individually coding each item. This fixes many things. The entire code is not near as vast as legacy LB and does the same processes. I mean really small. If you see someone bragging about how many lines of code they wrote, you may questions it. Less is more. I am not perfect, never claimed to be. So of course over thousands of lines of code there were mistakes. It would take an entire team of coders to create something like legacy LB to be perfect. I don't have a team of coders, so created code stystem do the work. It controls everything dynamically. I create an element and the code saves, and keeps track of this element. Leads to a lot less mistakes, and in the end improved performance 100%. You wont even notice loading.

GPS is implemented off the start. If you have location services on it will use GPS if not it will use whatever you set in settings.

Wallpapers, as always you get full access to your camera roll. Inside LockBuilder Evo is a dedicated wallpaper site. Press the menu button and it will load safari showing the site. Press a wallpaper you like save to camera roll then apply in LB.

Theming icons. I created a simple file structure in LBEvo. You tap hold an icon and the control panel will popup. In the left you will see a folder. Click this and you will be presented with all your themes in winterboard. Navigate through your theme and pick any icon you want. Icons will be shown in the navigator. Press it to apply it.

Weather icons. Tap hold on the weather icon to bring up the control panel. Instead of the folder being shown as with the App icons, you will be shown a weather icon. Tap it to choose which weather icon you want to show.

Tap weather icon once and it opens the weather app.

Swiping. Instead of having a visual menu that disappears after loading I created this swiping experience. Short swipe left and you will be shown the menu. You will see a black bar by the menu, use this to scroll the menu up and down. Short swipe right to close this menu. Very easy to use.

Unlocking. Your lockscreen does not float anymore. It is set just like in iOS6. To unlock your phone just long swipe anywhere. Long swipe vertical if your want, or zig zag. It doesn't matter.

Unlock Animations. In the menu you can choose LockAni and change how you want your lockscreen to fade out after a swipe. The iOS7 Lockscreen just faded away. Which is still an option, aswell is having it spin away, fade left, animate up, and many more.

Loading and saving of themes. Still very simple press save give it a name and bam saved your complete setup. Loading is different, where instead of you getting displayed a menu you get shown images showing the background of that lockscreen. Grab to the right of these to scroll them up and down. Press one and see your old setup animate out and the lockscreen you chose is shown.

Widgets- Forecast is implemented with the weather it isn't a separate widget, just select it from the Elements menu. Weather animation (still unfinished) also isn't a separate widget, just created within LB to provide loading without lag and a bunch of nonsense code. Everything is coded by me, nothing is used from anyone, just to stop the trolls from saying something smart. More widgets will come if people adopt LockBuilder Evo and show some support.

LSOverlay lets you choose any Lockscreen from your GroovyLock folder. Great for creating overlays on top of wallpapers.

Other misc features. Hide NCGrabber, HideCCGrabber, HideStatusbar, HideCamera icon, Change wind from mph to kph, Lockscreen Dimmer control, and use Dynamic walls.

Weather Elements
Icon, city, temp, wind speed, wind direction, feel temp, condition, later condition, time, hi, low, slash"/", pm, time text, day, comma",", date, month, year, line"____", Dew, UV, When will it rain, Humidity, Sunrise, Sunset, Battery percent, missed calls,sms,and email, and forecast.

More can be added upon request very easily without the huge amount of code it did in legacy LB.

I have not figured out how to hide, slide to unlock, and the little glyph. If anyone knows how please let me know. Ive spend to many hours trying to run it down.

Tweaks needed Cydgets, ClearLockNotification, and Lock Screen Tool. If I can find the hide slide to unlock Lock Screen tool will not be needed.

Thats a small rundown of LockBuilder Evo. People say i'm pretty insane for it being a free upgrade. Maybe I am, or maybe I will charge for it. All depends on the support it gets. If no one cares then yes it will be a paid upgrade, if not then I don't mind putting it for free. Thanks for reading all of this! Truly put my heart and mind into this one. It will be an experience you will never forget. Nothing like this has been done on the iPhone.

Release is soon, but I dunno when yet (No longer than 2 weeks). There will be a beta before a cydia release.


Here is a video