LockBuilder Evo 1.1 Changes

iWidgets. In the widget section you will have an option for iWidgets. This loads the widget directory, and lets you choose iWidgets you have installed. Two things you must note. 

If an iWidget has Option.plistmore than likely LBEvo will not load it. This is where you set location, 24hr etc. It would be a total hack job for me to use its settings. To keep things light I have decided not to.

The other thing is widgets are moved by grabbing the top. You can still press the bottom part of the widget for any touch related things the widget has. For the iWidgets with Option.plist it is pretty simple to convert them to run from LBEvo gps or manually enter your details. I will post the codes and probably examples in a couple days. Expect some LBEvo iWidgets too.

Other changes. You can add elements to previous themes. Before you had to reset to add elements that you wanted to save. Background, the default layer is set to black and the front layer has the control panel instructions. Once you set a wall this instruction page is gone. no more two layers. very seemless when unlocking or waking the phone

Some items when selected didn't close the menus correctly. I think I have them all now, but if you find when you press something the menu doesn't close let me know please. 

Added scaling for iWidgets. you can tap hold the top of the iWidget to close it, change opacity, and size it. The sizes are 0.0 to 2.0 I wouldn't go any higher than 1.0 really. Just remember when sizing them to put a decimal as it is scaling it. For example 0.5 is 1/2 the size of the widget. These also save with themes. GPS would cut itself off if you sat on the lockscreen for a couple seconds. If you didn't it would stay on. I added it where when you unlock if it is on, it will cut of like it should.

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