LockBuilder Evo Cydia

LockBuilder Evo will be releasing in cydia this weekend. It will be available in the @macciti repo. Its been a good bit since Legacy LockBuilder was released, and I can't wait for the release of Evo.

This will be a free upgrade for previous people who purchased LockBuilder. You wouldn't imagine the amount of time that has gone into this, and a free upgrade is insane at this point.  I feel its the right thing to do. If you do think it is worthy a donation please use the following link. Every bit is appreciated.

Tons of widgets, themes, and icons have been created by the team, to prepare for the release. When you download, you will have a good amount to play with. It's been a long time coming, but i'm ready to amaze you all with this tool. There is no telling how much you've spent on lockscreens. Think its time to change that. A majority of LBEvo Themes will be free for you to download. Very small in size so you can have an enormous amount. Either through the download button within LockBuilder, or download directly from cydia. See you this weekend!

Cydia Link