iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak by the Chinese! The state of cydia packages on 7.1.1

7.1.1 is now Jailbroke. You can visit to download the Jailbreak.

Now to answer a few questions about mainly LockBuilderEvo. 

LockBuilder Evo relies on Cydget. Both of these packages need to be changed to support 7.1.1. The tweak itself should work on 7.1.1 just as it does on 7.0.x but better. Along with many other packages.

This is nothing I can do at the moment. It requires Saurik or the repo to add the option.  You can take a look below to see what needs to be changed. The reason why is clearly shown.

This doesn't effect just LockBuilderEvo. Although you can download Winterboard, you can't download themes, until this has been updated. Other packages may show not supported on 7.1.1 just be patience I am sure they will be soon.

Is this jailbreak safe? I have ran this program on my device. Seems to work fine. Everything is in chinese though. It requires you to download the tool, then gives you instructions to set the date to  Sun Jun 1 2:04PM. Once you do this the jailbreak will run.

Did it kill vulnerabilities, that could be use in iOS8 Jailbreak? I myself cannot answer this, but here is a few tweets from MuscleNerd. A very trusted source.

I ran it on a fresh 7.1 install coming from iOS8. With the windows installer(mac wasn't available). I have not had any issues. This app will install a pirated AppStore if you don't uncheck the box on the installer. Other than that, glad to see a Jailbreak for 7.1.1. 

If you do not uncheck this button and have issues with apps opening visit this site.

Hope this answered a few questions. It is good to see more players on the Jailbreak scene. Without all the teasing at that;) 

Quote from the Pangu site.

"We are a group engaged in information security technology for many years old guy working there like to play off-road, there are like night-clubbing, a favorite cartoon, of course, technology house.
Since the release of the first generation iPhone, hackers began to study abroad jailbreak iOS system until the system can be said to technical difficulty iOS7 jailbreak growing.
In fact, the original idea was to jailbreak my device I call the shots, just like the real hackers in pursuit of free spirit of the Internet.
Jailbreak tool in the development of foreign hackers monopoly for many years, we want to do is very simple, is to let the world know that China also has top technical talent!"

Pangu ( @ PanguTeam ) team members

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