Downgrade from iOS8 to iOS7 (while you still can)

iOS8 is Apple's newest firmware released just days ago. It is supposed to be the biggest update for the iPhone in quite some time, and has features people just can't seem to resist. Until they install it.

Many issues have show up with iOS8 leaving many people wishing they never updated. New firmwares (even without bugs) are meant for new devices. You can run them on older phones, but you will loose some performance. There is some good news though, you can still downgrade back to iOS7 at this time.

Here is how.

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> About -> scroll down and get the version. go to  Apple Signing Status. and make sure 7.1.2 has a green next to it. If it does this means apple is still signing 7.1.2  and you can downgrade.
  2. Back up your device with iTunes.
  3. You will need to download the 7.1.2 firmware so you can put it on your device. Visit the link pertaining to your device. iPhone 5 (GSM) 7.1.2 or iPhone 5s (GSM) 7.1.2 if your device is not here then proceed here All Firmwares and pick your phone and version. (Remember where you saved it)
  4. Go to Settings -> iCloud -> Find my iPhoneTurn it off. 
  5. This is optional, you could skip this step but I always do it. That is put the iPhone in DFU mode. DFU mode means Device Firmware Upgrade. That is essentially what we are doing (reason I always put it in dfu). Here are instructions to put your phone in DFU mode. How to put phone in DFU
  6. Start iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer. On iTunes, select your iPhone and click Summary. If you’re running a Mac, hold down the option key and press the restore button. If you’re on PC, hold the shift key, and press restore button.
  7. When you press the restore button a window will popup, this window is where you want to select the firmware you just downloaded.  Once selected it will install the firmware, and you will have iOS7 back. (If you skipped step 5 and get an error, just repeat the steps again and do step 5).

If you have any issue my twitter is @JunesiPhone I will be glad to assist. Any errors you might encounter can be fixed by googling the error itself. Most of the times it is as simple as turning off your firewall or changing usb ports.