LockBuilder Evo 2.9

It's been fun updating LockBuilder Evo to version 2.9. This post will explain the changes and the new features you can use.

First the change log.

Changed loading of elements menu. 
Removed iconoclasm layout maker.
Fixed an issue with slide to unlock.
Fixed an issue with Event Calendar.
Fixed showing both top and right menus at the same time.
Fixed misspelling for Twentieth and Thirtieth.
Theme selection now has next/prev buttons instead of scroll.
Added lockbackground.cpbitmap loader.
Added new download section to view, and be directly linked to cydia. Updated without the need to update via cydia.
Added new weather icons.
Added new fonts.
Added new elements zTime - 01:30. DSM - 9 Nov.
Added batteryCapacity, zTime, DSM, notifications, dsize, dfree, CPU, firmware, uptime, msize, and new fonts to LockBuilder Evo SB.
Added Dpad controller to move items 1px at a time. Moves all items.
Added winterboard theming. Now you can theme all menu icons dpad, and control panel through winterboard. Download LockBuilder Evo Inverted Menu to see bundle name and all images.

More code optimizations.

As you see this is a big update. So lets explain.

Changed loading of elements menu - Configured LBEvo to not load the elements until the user swipes left and chooses elements.

Removed iconoclasm layout maker - This was a feature that wasn't used much by users. Therefore it was removed.

Fixed an issue with slide to unlock, and event calendar - I was able to create a sort of debugger for LBEvo that showed the memory of Javascript. What this showed was the heap would constantly go up. Was found that the culprit was the slide to unlock. 

Fixed showing both top and right menus at the same time - Cosmetic change, if you swiped left it would show the right menu, if you swiped down it would show the top menu. If you swiped left and swiped down both menus would show.

Fixed misspelling for Twentieth and Thirtieth - Facepalm

Theme selection now has next/prev buttons instead of scroll - While using scroll, it wasn't very efficient. I have over 190 themes in my themes section. With scroll this ended up causing lag when loading the themes, and changing theme pages. Therefore I removed the scroll and load 12 themes per page.

Added lockbackground.cpbitmap loader - Cydgets while I love the concept of mixing JS and OBJ-C it does not handle loading well. This leads to the user seeing the settings set wallpaper before the cydget. For this I implemented loading the lockbackground.cpbitmap which is Apple's extension for the lockscreen wallpaper. When you load a theme LBEvo will ask you to respring. This is to set this wallpaper. Although a respring is NOT needed to load the theme, it is needed to load this wallpaper.

Added new download section to view themes - This allows the user to browse themes directly from LBEvo. I have it on a server so new themes can be added at any time. You can select a theme and it will open cydia to that theme.

Added new weather icons and fonts - New weather icons can be used including Real Weather by @xpprem and more.

Added new elements zTime - 01:30. DSM - 9 Nov. - Added new elements zTime which means zero time. If it is 1:30 it will display it as 01:30. DSM means Date Small Month which will display the day and an abbreviation of the month.

LockBuilder Evo SB - You can now use batteryCapacity, zTime, DSM, notifications, dsize, dfree, CPU, firmware, uptime, and msize in LBEVOSB.

Added Dpad controller - HOORAH!!! lol this has been recommended since LBEvo came out. It is a dpad to control items one pixel at a time. Move any item up,down,left,right by 1px. This way you get the element exactly where you want it. To initiate this double tap an element, then click the dpad on the control panel. You can move the dpad anywhere, and when the dpad is up you can select other elements by double tapping them.

Added winterboard theming - You can now theme LBEvo menu items by winterboard. If you download LockBuilder Inverted you will see the bundle name and all icons that can be themed.

More code optimization - A bunch of things were changed. More than listed, but these are the most important. I appreciate everyones support on the project, and if you have any issue/suggestions please contact me. Enjoy the update.

When can you download? It has been sent to Macciti and should be available soon.

Here is the sample winterboard theme. http://www.mediafire.com/download/ys20o5z2qte6i3c/LockBuilder_Inverted.zip

Download LockBuilder Evo