[Released] Destini 8 Cydget

Destini 8 Cydget is an update to Destini Cydget. It is free for anyone who purchased Destini Cydget and will work on iPhone 5, 5s, 6, and 6+ on iOS8.

It presents time, date, and weather on your lockscreen. You can tap the side of temp to scroll through a 5 day forecast. Tap the weather icon to display more info, and tap the feels like temp to display the low tonight.

When installed it will add a new icon to settings.app, here you can adjust settings to your liking.

All weather is pulled from iOS weather framework to make sure all your system weather matches. I have also set up a beta version on my repo http://junesiphone.com/repo this is for users who have already purchased Destini 8 Cydget from Macciti and would like to test versions before they are uploaded to Macciti.

How to add my repo: http://junesiphone.com/cydiarepo/
Repo Address: http://junesiphone.com/repo

You will also need to manually install this file: http://www.mediafire.com/view/we3ohg02ewc1cv7/Destini8.plist

Needing to install the extra file was something I hoped I could add to the deb, but I couldn't:( It will give you the tap to unlock options and sounds. This file needs to be placed in Library/PreferenceLoader/Preferences.


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