Epic Cydget - A very informative lockscreen

Epic Cydget is what I consider one of the best Cydgets, I have created. I think this has to do with the amount of information it provides and how simple it is to use. So simple that my father uses it, as a truck driver he uses it to check the current conditions in the current city he is in. 

"The always changing weather wallpapers and the information displayed give it a unique look. Something you don't get with the stock lock screen."

For basic settings I decided to put them on the lock screen. Usual something I would put in the settings.app, but it makes it very easy to toggle 24hr clock, Celsius, Kph, Weather Walls, or update the weather at your convenience. 

"The multi tab menu gives you all information a full weather app would in an easy to understand way."

The core behind Epic Cydget is its GPS capability. By using iOS Framework I can not only pull weather.framework weather, I can also update weather to be exactly where you are location wise. In addition to this it will update the myLocation.txt (if you use it) to make sure all widgets (iWidget, SBHTML, etc) have the same location.

"Smart innovative thinking, brilliantly executed."

Epic Cydget also supports English, French, Italian, Chinese, Deutch, and Spanish. It will display according to what your phone is set to.

You can grab Epic for Cydget from the Macciti repo for 2.99. LINK


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