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Futuristic Cydget features vector images and some of the smoothest animations for your lockscreen. VIDEO

First developed in March of 2014 for iOS7, it has recently gotten an update for iOS8 and now will support iPhone 6 and 6+. The Cydget has been re-written from the ground up for many reasons. The main reason is iPhone 6 and 6+ have a much bigger screen, if a .png image was used it would either require 3 different sets of images or to re-create the images in svg. (Scalable Vector Graphic). I chose the svg route mainly because I haven't seen it done yet on iOS lockscreens. I have to say I am very pleased with the result. You can view some of the mockup code here on my codepen.  Futuristic CodePen

All images were re-drawn to be svg even all the weather icons. This allows all images to be scaled to any size without loosing quality. Another good thing about svg is I can easily change the color of all these images via code. For this I included the option for you to change the color of the stroke and fill to your liking. This setting can be found under settings.app/Futuristic 8.

The weather retrieval system was also re-written. Now it uses iOS weather framework to get weather information. This allows Futuristic to gather weather info much faster and the info will match all other system weather. It also allows for GPS without the need of any other tweaks.

You can get Futuristic 8 for $1.99 here, or if you previously purchased it on iOS7 it will be a free upgrade. 

Wait free upgrade for a completely re-written package? Yes, it's just how I work. If you want to support it just retweet or share on you favorite social network.


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