Getting access to the private repo.

My new theme GlyphTastic is hosted on a private repo. You can get access to the repo by following the steps below. You do not have to wait for me to send you an email or add you to the repo. This is all done automatically, and you get access to the repo immediately.

Add to your cydia sources, go into the repo and click a package. You will see a Create an account button. Once you create an account you have access to everything.

You will be taken to paypal to login and donate.

Once you donate a huge button will show on the screen. This button allows you to setup an account for repo access.

The setup account page asks for a username and password. This will be the credentials you use to login to the repo.

Once registered you will get confirmation, click ok then the back button.

After pressing the back button you will need to login with the credentials you just setup.

You should now see a message saying you can now download.

If you access the repo from the same ip address it will remember you. This allows you to download packages without needing to log in. If you and your family are on the same ip, they too get access to the repo.

If you have any issues shoot me an email


  1. I'll ready did but I don't see the yellow button and I don't have access to download anythin, can you help me please just check your paypal.
    my email is: or my Twitter is @iHacK3rPRO

    1. Send a username and password to the email on the paypal receipt. It will be added.