Apple Watch Face Cydget (Beta)

Apple Watch (Sport) Cydget

I get many requests for new and challenging Cydgets/Widgets, this request by @bradywb_ has to be one of my top favorites to work on. 

I created the Apple watch face and implemented all the features shown. Top left shows either a moon or sun depending on what time of day it is. Clock is to the right and can be easily switched from 12 to 24hr by tapping on it. This also brings up other settings such as padding the hour with a 0,  turn on moving (so you can move the widget anywhere), and face toggle which will turn on and off the face.

In the "middle" it will show sunrise, if the sun has set or sunset if the sun has risen. Below this it will tell you how many hours are left until sunrise or sunset. Below that it will show what city you are in. 

The bottom icons show (from left to right) Timer, alarm, and stopwatch.  

Timer: To activate the timer just tap on it. You will see 3 buttons that say +1, +5, Start, and Reset. The plus buttons adds minutes to the timer, start will start the timer and reset will reset the timer. After the timer is finished it will alert with a sound. The lockscreen will not dim while the timer is running.

Alarm has no interaction, it only shows the alarm you have set in the

StopWatch works similar to the timer. Tap it to bring up its controls you have a start, stop and clear button. While the stop watch is running the lockscreen will not dim.

As of now the Cydget is in beta. You can find it on my paid repo.

Can you make this an iWidget - No
Will this work with GroovyLock or LockHTML3 - No
How do I change to 24hr - Tap the clock.

If you want to request something email me, my email is listed on my website.

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