Theming iOS Fallback and UISounds #iOSThemingTips 2

Welcome back! Just a quick overview. In #iOSThemingTips 1 We learned how to create a theme folder, inside that folder create a Bundles folder, Fallback folder, find a bundle name, and theme the AppStore icon. 

Lets touch on the Fallback folder real quick. This folder is used to hold your loading screens or splash screen. This is the screen that shows while an app is loading. Inside this folder we need two things Default@2x.png and Default@2x~iphone.png.

 This will replace most app's loading screens. To do them individually you will need to use the same process as we used to find the icon name and image. Go into the application folder, find the loading screen image, look in the plist to verify what the bundle name is, make a bundle, put the new image you made, naming it the same as was in the application folder.

QuickTip: The compass loaders are difficult to find. they will be in the English.lproj and other language named folders. There is also another image, you can theme here. Just make a folder named exactly as the language named folder. then put the images in, and put it in the bundle.

Think thats it on loaders. I'll give my point on it. It is not necessary to theme every app with a different screen. I'm glad Saurik has implemented this feature. These images are 640x960 keep that in mind. You may want to render, if you use photoshop in File/Save for web devices then change to png-24, and click save. Then compare the size to File/SaveAs. You will see it is much smaller, and you could tweak even more. Compare loss of quality etc.

UISounds: Everyone loves unique sounds for there themes. These are pretty simple to do. First and foremost, like almost everything you do in theming you will need to know where these images are in the system

System/Library/Audio/UISounds/ is where they are located. These are .caf files. Pretty much useless for anything but iPhone sounds. To theme them you will need to create a folder UISounds. Put this in the base of the theme. Meaning it will be with the same folder as Bundles and Fallback.

 So how do you make them? For mac and windows I recommend WavePad. Nice simple program. Heres the secret. Save as .aiff once you save as .aiff just rename the .aiff to .caf now rename it as the one in the phone and put it in the UISounds folder. 

You can also purchase sounds offline, there are tons of .wav sites. Bunch of free too. You can open the .wav in wave pad tweak it, then save as aiff rename to .caf and wala.

Thats it for today, if you have any questions post below. Next we will finish up with the base of the theme. Explain info.plist, and show you a few things i bet you didn't know:)

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