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Good evening iOS themers! Since I have some downtime. (waiting on a jailbreak) I would like to share some of my 3+ year experience theming iOS.  In this post and future posts, I will help you understand theming a bit more. With over 12 themes (could be more) I have learned quite a bit. Useful tricks that help in theming, customizing sizes of images, getting familiar with the file stucture, and much more. I hope you follow along.

iOSThemingTip #1 Winterboard

     As with most things you start at the beginning. Winterboard is where all the magic happens. Winterboard lets you change the icons of applications, use a custom wallpaper, and change pretty much everything you see.  

    This doesn't come easy, but with a little knowledge you will get the hang of it. Winterboard uses a main theme folder in which you put other folders so Winterboard knows what images you want to change. We will name this theme iOSThemingTips. 

Create a folder iOSThemingTips. Inside that folder make 2 more folders. You will want to name these Bundles and Fallback.

Bundles Folder:  You will need to name the Bundles folder with a Capitol B. This is very important in winterboard to get Caps on everything correct.  Why a bundles folder? Each application contains a cfbundleidentifier. This is required on any app made for iOS. Winterboard uses this bundleidentifier to know what apps images you are changing. 

Finding bundle names: Ok so we have our iOSThemingTips theme with our Bundle folder created. Now how do we find the bundle identifier? Easy go to ifile, or ifunbox. Go to system applications. Inside applications choose AppStore. Inside the you will see an info.plist every app has this. Open it. Inside you will find various strings and keys. Look for <key>CFBundleIdentifier</key>  <string></string>      This is your bundle name!!
Create a folder in Bundles and name it Thats it. Now go back into SystemApplications/  Inside this folder shows images you can theme. For instance the icon is icon@2x.png. Make your icon with the same size, name it icon@2x.png and put it into your Folder. Put the iOSThemingTips Theme in Library/Themes, go into winterboard and select this theme. Respring and wala themed Icon! 

Note#1 If you are theming icons, make sure you respring via winterboard. Go to winterboard deselect theme re select then respring. 

Note#2 In winterboard you will notice a list icon on the right. You can grab this and move your themes. Whatever is on top with override whats below it.

This is just beginning, we will get in more indepth stuff in a couple days. Have to get the basics out of the way. If your looking for more info on winterboard check out Saurik write up. I believe every themer must read this.  Winterboard


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