#1nfect3di5 sent to cydia, Full instructions here.

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Winterboard Layout 
1nfect3d SB Weather
1nfect3d Slideshow
1nfect3d LS

Set Weather
To set the weather get ifile. In ifile navigate to Library/Themes/1nfect3d SB Weather/Private/Weather.js
At the top of the js enter your zip code where 38671 is.

Change Slidshow Walls
Download ifile from cydia. It is free, but also has a paid version. Once installed open it up. At the top of the screen you should see a /. If you do not touch the top left button until you do. This is the beginning of your system directory(root). 

 First I will explain how to get your image. Go to var then mobile then media then DCIM. Click DCIM you will see 100APPLE click it. Now you see all your images from your camera roll.

Now we need to copy this image so we can use it in 1nfect3d. Find an image. Once you have found one  click edit in the top right. Now you will see circles on the left hand side of everything. Click the circle on the image you want. Now at the very bottom, far right there is a clipboard icon. Click it then click Copy/Link.

Now navigate to Library/Themes/1nfect3d LS/walls or 1nfect3d Slideshow/walls.
Click edit and past the images from camera roll. You will need to rename these the same as the images that are originally in there. Exampe 1a.jpg

To add more images to the slideshow. Open the html look for

<div id="walls">
<img src="Images/Walls/1a.jpg"/>
<img src="Images/Walls/2a.jpg" />
<img src="Images/Walls/3a.jpg" />
<img src="Images/Walls/4a.jpg" />
<img src="Images/Walls/5a.jpg" />

To add a sixth wall add <img src="Images/Walls/6a.jpg" /> then add an image 6a.jpg into Images/Walls. You can add as many walls as you like. BUT the more you add the more the code has to run fyi.

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