1ntox Setup

1ntox i5 will be in cydia soon. Here are some instructions on the setup.

The easiest way to do this is iFile. Download iFile and go to Library/Themes/1ntox SB or 1ntox LS (whichever one you are editing) Open the Widget.html or Lockbackground.html and look for var local="38671"  Enter your zip code where the 38671 is, and respring your device. You can also change to Celsius from Fahrenheit just below the var locale field by changing the F to C.

What is included/winterboard setup
1ntox Icon Reflect i5 - Icons with reflection instead of nothing.
1ntox i5 Icon Labes - Styles your labels, also included Blank icon Labels
1ntox LS - Lockscreen Clock/SlideOut Forecast/Slidshow
1ntox i5 SB - Forecast with Weather image
1ntox i5 - main theme

*Winterboard - What runs the theme
*GridLock - Lets you move icons anywhere. (Not Updated) Use Iconoclasm
~SpringJumps (Not Updated) Theme does not require this, but there is an alt layout for it. included
~Lockscreen ClockHide - removes the clock on the lockscreen
~iFile - Used to change the zip code to your zip code
~Color Keyboard - You need to have colorkeyboard for the keyboard theme to work. 

To add your own pictures to the LS. Go to Library/Themes/1ntox LS NA/YourImages  In the YourImages folder you will see walls numbered wall1 wall2 etc to wall 5. Take your .png files (640 x960 perferred) and replace the current wallpapes.

SpringJumps or PageJumps 
Open the Springjump app and select jump icons. Here you will see all the icons with 
there corresponding Toggle. Toggle 0-3 on and the rest off. You can also change the name of the springjump by selecting
Page 0 and entering a new shortcut name. The pages are setup 0-Home 1-Net 2-Tools 3-Media. Once you have your springjumps on, and named, put them in the dock. 0-3 Meaning 4 springjumps will be in the dock.  Go into Library/Themes/1ntoxi5 and change the PJ name wallpaper to Wallpaper@2x.png this will make it the default wall.  If PageJumps are released I will add the blank icons for it.

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