#miLock How to change falling leaves when you shake your device.

In the latest update of miLock I implemented falling leaves. 
To activate, while on the lockscreen shake your device.

I would like to show you how you can change from leaves to many other symbols.

The leaves are not images, they are html entity's for example (★) is a solid star this can be made by ★ That is the html code.

In Private/Wiget/FallinLeaves/Lockbackground.html There is a place where I used the Leaf code. Looks something like this  

var $flake = $('<div id="flake" />').css({
            'position': 'absolute',
            'top': '-50px'

At the bottom you see the maple leaf code. &#x1f341; Just replace that with any code you find. Here are some good websites for codes.

Special Characters2

If I can get a good list of 8 I will add them to a menu;)

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