How to add your own backgrounds to miLock Pro

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Changing Wallpaper Images

Holds the wallpapers and overlays

There are many ways to do this. First I will explain how to do this via PC or Mac.


Download iFunBox. This application will allow you to plug your phone into your usb. Then search and replace files on your phone. Very easy. 

Once you download open it up. Plug your phone in. It should say iphone in the top left. Below this is your system directory. You do not want to play in here to much. Only certain things can be edited.

Click Raw System File, you will see folders on the right side. Look for Library, inside Library look for Themes, inside Themes look for miLock. 

Once you get to miLock you will need to go to Private. After Private go into Stylesheets, inside Stylesheets go to walls. Here is the wallpapers that are shown, when you click the wallpaper button on the menubar of miLock. 

To change these. Find an image. (Sized for your device) Name that image the same name, as one of the images in the walls folder. Make sure it is a .jpg image. Then drag it into that folder.

It will replace it with your image. Now it will be on your miLock lockscreen.

iFile (same as video)

I will explain how to take an image from your camera roll (the place your pictures go when you take them) and put them in miLock.

Download ifile from cydia. It is free, but also has a paid version. Once installed open it up. At the top of the screen you should see a /. If you do not touch the top left button until you do. This is the beginning of your system directory(root). 

 First I will explain how to get your image. Go to var then mobile then media then DCIM. Click DCIM you will see 100APPLE click it. Now you see all your images from your camera roll.

Now we need to copy this image so we can use it in miLock. Find an image. Once you have found one  click edit in the top right. Now you will see circles on the left hand side of everything. Click the circle on the image you want. Now at the very bottom, far right there is a clipboard icon. Click it then click Copy/Link.

Once we have our image copied we need to find miLock. Hit the top left button to go all the way back to the beginning of the system directory(root). Now click Library, Themes, and miLock. 

When your in miLock. Go to Private/StyleSheets/Walls. When your inside the walls folder click edit. Now click the clipboard icon at the very bottom right. Now it will display paste since we already copied. So click paste.

 Now your image from your camera roll is in miLock, But miLock doesnt recognize this image(it isnt coded to). So you need to give it a name miLock recognizes. So name it the same as an existing image. 

For example image6.jpg is a lady bug. If you want to replace it. Rename the lady bug to image0.jpg (or any different name) Now name your image you just put in there to image6.jpg. It will override that image, and now will be displayed for you to choose in miLock. 

(To rename files click the arrow on the right. find the image name click it then edit it)

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