iOS 7 Apple Fails... So we wait until they fix? ETA?

The frustration of breaking already working things..... I face this in my own work, but for a company like apple its hard to understand. Here are my frustrations.

iOS 7

HomeScreen Webapps. These are set via safari. You set to your homescreen. Then it becomes a WebApp. 

Whats broke... A lot starting with URL directing. No longer can you direct links to safari. This includes opening mail.

Popups, Prompts etc. None work.  Seriously haha. You can open a webpage that has a prompt in safari. You will get said prompt. Save it to homescreen and you get no prompt. 

Local Storage. Nothing. Its like they put us in a sandbox without our toys..

How many can I have? If you have more than a few WebApps they start replacing each other. seriously buggy.

Opening prompt in safari doesn't stop other popups. For example I want to know a users name. I send a prompt window. They enter there info then press ok. After ok is press it will alert the users name. In iOS7 you don't have this normal function. You instead get all alerts at once. Thats pretty sad.

API's no WebGL, WebRTC or Fullscreeen.

Bars on iOS6 safari can be hidden when scrolled. You could also set a window scroll to make the toolbars disappear. With the revamp this isn't possible. I does look like you can hide the bottom bar, but I haven't found a way yet.

When in Fullscreen "mode" Not actually fullscreen. The bottom canvas is not interactive.

<title> tags are ignored.

Ive searched high and low for any info. One of the reasons for this rant. This way you wont go through your code for hours wondering wtf you did wrong. Most likely you didn't do anything wrong.

So what to do? We wait on an update:(

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