miWeather Speaks

miWeatherSpeaks is a WebApp. You can go to the url below and you can have this on your device.

It SHOULD ask to use location services, then load data. If it doesn't the first time try again. If not again please contact me.

I need your patience on this one, as my earlier posts went. Things aren't right with Safari.

This works on all devices jailbroke or not, you can easily save it to your homescreen for a new weather App.

Known bugs: iOS7 do not save to homescreen. Its just bs atm. Waiting on apple to fix.
if your on iOS7 stay in safari

iOS 6 and below. Voice will not work, meaning it will not speak. Rest should work great. Save to homescreen for a better experience.

This code is live. When I sit down and code it changes on everyones device. This is great because if you have an issue we can fix it without you installing anything. I can also send you alerts to send me info back.

Let me know what you think. http://miWeatherSpeaks.blogspot.com

SpeechSynthesis API has just released with iOS7. Doubt you will see this anywhere else at the moment.

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