LockBuilder 1.4

New Features!
font color picker (match any color)
Text Shadows (even color shadows)

Icon position on load
white flicker when widgets load

Square when weather is loading

Clock (does not load on start)
Forecast (does not load on start)
Removed un needed images
Load time!

Color Picker
Located under menu/Fonts and Colors is the Color Picker. The outside ring is for color choosing. The inside circle lets you customize that color.

 The higher you go the lighter the color will get. The lower, the darker it gets. If you touch toward the left of the inner circle, the color will get more saturated(more color) if you touch to the right the color will have less saturation.  

Text Shadows
You can now have up to 3 text shadows! While in the ColorPicker click shadows. It will then prompt to ask how many shadows you want. Type in a number between 1 and 3. Then it will ask you several questions.

If you enter 1 shadow it will ask you for 3 values and a color.

First Value
This number will represent how far from the left side the shadow moves. If you enter 1 it will move 1 pixel to the right. If you enter -1 it will move 1 pixel to the left.

Second Value
Also asks for a number, this represents how far from the top you want the shadow to move. Same as above you enter 1 it will move (down) 1 pixel. -1 will move it up 1 pixel.

Third Value
Enter a number to blur the shadow. No need to enter negative numbers.

Fourth Value
Here you enter the color you want the shadow to be. It can be in letters (yellow) or it can be in a color code #ffea00; You can even enter strange names such as chucknorris (Google for these)

That is needed on every shadow. If you pick 3 shadows you will have to do that 3 times. This can lead to great effects.

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