1nspire instructions

The top icons are FolderIcons you can get the tweak folderIcons from http://cydia.myrepospace.com/vertex version 2.99.15

1nspire UI is the main UI and Icons this will be selected in Winterboard. Any themed addons that you want to add. Auxo, Pandora, miniPlayer, etc. Will go on top of the 1nspire UI.

Colorkeyboard is included. You will need to have ColorKeyboard Tweak installed. Go to settings/ColorKeyboard and pick a theme and popups. (Landscape coming)

Folders. I use FolderEnhancer with border turned off.

Bottom icons are SpringJumps. Download springjumps in cydia (Works on iOS5 and iOS6)

Use Gridlock or iBlanks to move icons anywhere. There is no SPECIAL setup. It is stock setup. No need for iconoclasm!

Set wallpaper to Homescreen and LockScreen

Go to photos choose your wallpaper. Press the very bottom left button. It is a box with an up arrow,  choose Use as wallpaper. Set to Home Screen First! Then respring. Go back in and set it for Lockscreen to have the same photo.

If you still cannot get it set a complete different wallpaper to the lockscreen. Go into photos set the wall you want to homescreen, respring, then set your lockscreen.

Another way of doing this is by having 2 of the same photo. You can take a screenshot to duplicate the image. Set one to lockscreen and set one to home screen.

For iOS 5.1.2 Use folder Icons from the bigboss repo. These will be set from settings.app

You can put the extra springjumps on page 5. put them in a folder, and since you have folder Icons turn the icons off. (hide the folder)

LockBuilder Available in Cydia

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  1. Awesome Theme, thanks for the update!

  2. How can I make this work on iOS 7 iPhone 5s