iRSS Live rss feed on your homescreen

iRSS iWidget

Live feed for your springboard. Used with iWidgets. Upon setting up your iWidget, you have a choice between multiple RSS Feeds.

  • CNET Apple
  • CNET Mobile
  • CNN News
  • CNN Top
  • Cydia Updates
  • Forbes
  • Google News
  • iMore
  • Modmyi
  • Movie Quotes
  • Quotes
  • Ripley's Stuff
  • USA Today
  • Wired Tech Biz

To enter you own rss open the options.plist and widget.html in a text editor. (iFile on iPhone)

In the options.plist look for 

<key>Ripley's Stuff</key>
<string>15</string> You are looking for the string with the highest number.

Copy this and change the key to your feed name, then the string to the next number. In this case 16 

In the widget.html
Scroll to the very bottom you will see 

if(selection == "15"){

var myurl =""

Copy this and paste it. Change the selection to the next number. (16) then change the to your url.

1 comment:

  1. I bought this widget and entered two custom feeds at 16 and 17. The custom feeds are being displayed alright but when touched the widget shows "undefined" and does not show any feed again till deleted and fresh widget placed on Home screen.