Free iOS7 LSClock to work with #ConceptLS that supports all #GroovyLock Lockscreens

Version 1.2 of Concept LS now supports use of GroovyLock lockscreens. You can choose any GL lockscreen directly from ConceptLS. This will add a layer above the wallpaper and will display accordingly. Nothing has to be active in GroovyLock for this to work. I actually think it is better if you disable anything in GroovyLock.

For a special lockscreen I have modified this LSClock to use with ConceptLS. It features a transparent background still allowing you to change wallpapers via ConceptLS. You can download it below for free.

Hope you guys enjoy this, a lot is going in to ConceptLS just for you!

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Download LSClock to use with ConceptLS
This is for GroovyLock so it goes in var/mobile/Library/GroovyLock

GroovyLock Lockscreens that you can use with ConceptLS

Thanks for your support!

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